Wednesday, July 1, 2009

yea.. dont stop till u get enuff!!

there're sumthing hidden in those lyrics..
and try to relate to ones life
make it a better world as he said
its about love, joy, suffering, nature etc.

sure.. why not? altho i know no one can sing like he does
which yeah! i use to sing like/with/after (hehe.. time kecik2 lor) him..
n i sux at it LOL!!.. *certain songs je yea.. ;p

moonwalker... listen up!! or no no.. juz regular person
u can dance.. yea u can!! MJ is a gr8 dancer cos of his song..
dem!! wish theres a dance floor with MJ songs
bilik kt umah x space la.. hahaha!!

still cnt makeup my mind.. which one my favy. MJ song...
mix those 40 songs compact them to one song, cn or not??
hehe.. been listening to those records since primary school
never tired of his magical legacy...

His BACK!! *in my playlist
now, stays here forever...
we'll NEVER be alone..
he inspired us.. do not stop till u get enuff..
and thats wat im doing now
cherish his music
lets bear in mind dat he's no GOD.. just human like us..
dont get too excited
let him rest..
berehatlah uncle michael!!

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