Wednesday, July 1, 2009

holiday... so far!!

*mum to Frankfurt*------> PRESENT!!
still on going babysitter... so far as usual...
starting to miss my mum.. plus worried about swine flu..
sisters are goin CRAZY.. come home cpat2!!

*celebrate nora's B-day* -------> PAST!!
went to ipoh on dat day with my mum...
but too busy helping her.. x smpat pon pg UTP..huhu
neway at least i know im close to her.. ok la!! hehe..
we do celebrate earlier tho!!! ;p

*URBANSCAPES 2009* -------> PAST!!
cant wait for next year..!! we had so much fun... (we means me, apad n her frends)
well.. igtkn it wud be boring without my frends round..
but i do enjoy it so much n meets dif kind of peeps.. making nu frends..
stayed there till 11pm.. MUSIC was awesome!! street performance WOW!!
its mind blowing!! worth 35 of my pocket money.. all da jumping around!!
ok la for sumone who miss last year urbanscapes cos on internship in JB!!

*UCL FINALE: Man United vs Barcelona* -------> PAST!!
yea.. im too late for this n im wrong..
barca won!! da best team is barca!! bla bla congrats!!
thanks europe for nite of true quality footballing masterpiece..

*UniKL Sports Carnival* -------> PAST!!
happy to hear they hold on to our previous BRONZE!! 3rd place..
ok ar rite!! at least they hve somthing 2 do after this..
which is try again to beat MIAT n MIMETnex carnival!! haha... gud luck guys!!

here's a thing.. no ticket yet.. so no tour MU for me..
abes cite..!! huhu.. sad!

*husna's Wedd* -------> PAST!!
pegi gak.. destination: husna's wed.. depature: 930 from KL..
stop kt sbn amek appad.. stop RnR warping hadiah..
arrive: 1430 nsib baek pengantin x smpai lg mkn ar dr KL x mkn haha...
smpat g UTM, skudai.. heeee~~ (teringat lak.. kt...) ^_^ 1545 str8 to JB.. jusco teberau.. dem!! jem gile.. mlm headed 2 danga bay.. as requested by sumone... LOL!! overnite till 2300.. gile nk kua jem lg DEM!! conclude all: they're happy.. n why am i not hepi?? all cos of stupid jem! arrgghh..

*nora flies back home* -------> PAST!!
huhuh... =( out 2nd test..
ohh.. i think we'll gonna be fine.. rite??

*scholar summer camp*--------> FUTURE!!
mcm bosan tp.. have to go n experience 1st..
neway we r paid 2 go.. p/s claim 100 for da trip 2 meeting point in KLCC!! weee.. KLCC ---- HOME = doesnt cost a penny!! waahaha.. free RM100

*kengkawan jejumpe jejom*------> PAST!! PRESENT!! FUTURE!!
weh!! calling for..
feruz, apad, bro, hazy, jij, yaya, beron, nadia, arab...
(n all my frends...) ronggeng sesame nk?? hehe..

*urbanscapes 09 roxx!!*

*cant get enuff with her scarf*

*they define true footballing quality heroes.. Vamos!!*

1: errr... (electric resonance romance reaction ) ^_^
2: congrats.. my former tenis team..
3 n 4: we invaded JB for good reason.. have FUN!!


FadzniMuhammad said...

thanks..haha jb trip..and urbanscapes!!!

hve tonnes of fun! n i enjoyed all the jumping..haha gilo!

n music was sooooooooo awesome to describe in word..huhu

FdausAmad said...

Gua nak ajak lu dtg makan kenduri kat blog gua.Folo baca doa skali pun takpa..


heee. tennis mate ku yg tersayang. tq!