Saturday, July 25, 2009

face off!!

about 4 months ago (march 09).. some dude almost breakthrough to my utmost hatred feeling ever... his big ego n myvi bump slammed to my precious vicky! v!va nose.. resultant one of my ever most stupid act of all... letting go.. easily forgive him for his mistake, and after few minutes of discussion.. no police report (dumb me)... juz settled by mutual respect from UTP student to another (dumber me)... got his phone number, gave mine, and he said "call me n name me da price for it" (belagak gile)... i assumed all ok!.. n after sedikit senyuman x ikhlas from both of us... goin separate ways and shore off to ipoh...

* i would describe this as minor internal bleeding...

off to ipoh.. work on my own n cadet.. went searching for remedy... none found.. perodua "gold-digger" service center instate that about 500+ (plus dem! service charges) needed for repair dis minor surgery.. WTH?? mahal madness!! told da guy bout it.. blink! he DISAPPEAR, call x answer, sms x reply.. yea i know its dem expensive for student... but BE RESPONSIBLE la for the damage dat u have done... at least find a way to make it right again, so i wouldnt be so paranoid taking things for granted... well, no.. his gone without say sorry.. WTF!!

solution came on june 09, after 5000 km with a wounded nose.. vicky viva settled with a brand new nose which only cost 100 ringgit..

*abis rongga2 instrument di terokai...

dh la kne repair this whole thing.. n then kne service maintenance lg... n not hearing from da guy any more... truth hurts!!!
LAGI la i jadi GILE!! <--- zee avi style... so moral of the story.. dont get scold by ur mum by being nice to ppl... do police report even minor car accident with ur BFF... dont go to perodua service "gold-digger" center for help, it breaks u inside when got to know this is how produa makes a lot of bling2!!... no more mr. nice guy(my bad)... and do have savings for rainy days...

SHOUT AWARD for grey myvi BRB 2026... one day if any thing happen to ur beloved car, ingat2 la kat my viva PHM 2790... n th
ink about happy thought eh!!

*after 5 months face-off
for those who concern thanks for the support n ur preciuos time...


Early Sunday morning... three hours twenty-five minutes and forty-five seconds towards three hours twenty-five minutes and forty-six seconds on july, twenty-six, two double 'o' nine.. im exactly at latitude 4.387808, longitude 100.965949.. room one, ground floor, block D, village four, universiti teknologi petronas, tronoh, perak darul ridzuan, malaysia...

antivirus needed!!.. H1N1 rapidly spreads... sight of world domination epidermic starts to appear.. it can be seen after britain double its cases within a week!! orang2 biase2 cm kite2 ni... general public... mid n lower class citizen... kalo infected mmg la KANTOI <--- zee avi style... not only being isolated, mmg kne jd test subject la, experimental well funded by the govement... lagi2 kalo this newly famous flu being sumone's causes of death... ala no need sakit terok2... demam skit pon di label as h1n1 biological machine of spreading... WTH? take self empthy checking on ourself... not be able 2 goin out... runing noses... weak body... 'hingus' residue yg berlebihan... sudden dizziness... and worst ended up well inside a gasket to the other world, not be able to taste imminent vaccine needed to cure... in addition, malaysia well inside those country infected by the disease, from 800+ cases recorded, over 90% being cured.. is quite an achivement... bare that in mind.. each week new cases means our frendly virus nih.. try to its "best"est adapt to this multi racial noses..

oink! oink!

Human once again proved that lack of history lesson which could dangerously causes serious consequences toward its own nature. In fact, that history was eventually is very much related, deeply connected to our survivor and desire to be ultimate race. The essences of failure which created harsh and dark scars to that same history of humankind, long ago still lingers in this present world of ignorance. Thus, these history line been written by those who came earlier told us so much about suffering, loniless, achivement, happyness, and hatred, could not stop being jerk by bad blood of man.

Being a human, would not stop doing bad, disgusting, terrible things in life. Mediocre silently creeps inside each time history teach me a lesson in a way that no one would ever imagine. For sub-conscious minded human out there, there will be a time where history itself will take place inside and as it happens there's no turning back...


1 In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

2 Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds,

3 The Beneficent, the Merciful.

4 Master of the Day of Judgment,

5 Thee (alone) we worship; Thee (alone) we ask for help.

6 Show us the straight path,

7 The path of those whom Thou hast favoured; Not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.

*to every souls that passed through this world...
may all of you rest in peace! berehat lah! *abah i miss u ^_^


it took me less than 30 minutes to decide from ordinary to disaster!!
wahaha.. sent this photo to my mum... she said "mcm kartun..!!"
hehe.. well, eventho its kinda drastic.. my self image consultancy from my inner self,
told me.. that its ok! to be a bit different from others...

*but i do admit... i look like goofy!! haha..
well new things, formed a new path and hopefully a greater goal in life..
cheers, mates!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

holiday... so far!!

*mum to Frankfurt*------> PRESENT!!
still on going babysitter... so far as usual...
starting to miss my mum.. plus worried about swine flu..
sisters are goin CRAZY.. come home cpat2!!

*celebrate nora's B-day* -------> PAST!!
went to ipoh on dat day with my mum...
but too busy helping her.. x smpat pon pg UTP..huhu
neway at least i know im close to her.. ok la!! hehe..
we do celebrate earlier tho!!! ;p

*URBANSCAPES 2009* -------> PAST!!
cant wait for next year..!! we had so much fun... (we means me, apad n her frends)
well.. igtkn it wud be boring without my frends round..
but i do enjoy it so much n meets dif kind of peeps.. making nu frends..
stayed there till 11pm.. MUSIC was awesome!! street performance WOW!!
its mind blowing!! worth 35 of my pocket money.. all da jumping around!!
ok la for sumone who miss last year urbanscapes cos on internship in JB!!

*UCL FINALE: Man United vs Barcelona* -------> PAST!!
yea.. im too late for this n im wrong..
barca won!! da best team is barca!! bla bla congrats!!
thanks europe for nite of true quality footballing masterpiece..

*UniKL Sports Carnival* -------> PAST!!
happy to hear they hold on to our previous BRONZE!! 3rd place..
ok ar rite!! at least they hve somthing 2 do after this..
which is try again to beat MIAT n MIMETnex carnival!! haha... gud luck guys!!

here's a thing.. no ticket yet.. so no tour MU for me..
abes cite..!! huhu.. sad!

*husna's Wedd* -------> PAST!!
pegi gak.. destination: husna's wed.. depature: 930 from KL..
stop kt sbn amek appad.. stop RnR warping hadiah..
arrive: 1430 nsib baek pengantin x smpai lg mkn ar dr KL x mkn haha...
smpat g UTM, skudai.. heeee~~ (teringat lak.. kt...) ^_^ 1545 str8 to JB.. jusco teberau.. dem!! jem gile.. mlm headed 2 danga bay.. as requested by sumone... LOL!! overnite till 2300.. gile nk kua jem lg DEM!! conclude all: they're happy.. n why am i not hepi?? all cos of stupid jem! arrgghh..

*nora flies back home* -------> PAST!!
huhuh... =( out 2nd test..
ohh.. i think we'll gonna be fine.. rite??

*scholar summer camp*--------> FUTURE!!
mcm bosan tp.. have to go n experience 1st..
neway we r paid 2 go.. p/s claim 100 for da trip 2 meeting point in KLCC!! weee.. KLCC ---- HOME = doesnt cost a penny!! waahaha.. free RM100

*kengkawan jejumpe jejom*------> PAST!! PRESENT!! FUTURE!!
weh!! calling for..
feruz, apad, bro, hazy, jij, yaya, beron, nadia, arab...
(n all my frends...) ronggeng sesame nk?? hehe..

*urbanscapes 09 roxx!!*

*cant get enuff with her scarf*

*they define true footballing quality heroes.. Vamos!!*

1: errr... (electric resonance romance reaction ) ^_^
2: congrats.. my former tenis team..
3 n 4: we invaded JB for good reason.. have FUN!!

yea.. dont stop till u get enuff!!

there're sumthing hidden in those lyrics..
and try to relate to ones life
make it a better world as he said
its about love, joy, suffering, nature etc.

sure.. why not? altho i know no one can sing like he does
which yeah! i use to sing like/with/after (hehe.. time kecik2 lor) him..
n i sux at it LOL!!.. *certain songs je yea.. ;p

moonwalker... listen up!! or no no.. juz regular person
u can dance.. yea u can!! MJ is a gr8 dancer cos of his song..
dem!! wish theres a dance floor with MJ songs
bilik kt umah x space la.. hahaha!!

still cnt makeup my mind.. which one my favy. MJ song...
mix those 40 songs compact them to one song, cn or not??
hehe.. been listening to those records since primary school
never tired of his magical legacy...

His BACK!! *in my playlist
now, stays here forever...
we'll NEVER be alone..
he inspired us.. do not stop till u get enuff..
and thats wat im doing now
cherish his music
lets bear in mind dat he's no GOD.. just human like us..
dont get too excited
let him rest..
berehatlah uncle michael!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


yea.. his gone, but his music stays here..
so many claimed idolized him...
so do i.. his where 'my' music influence begins..
y'all might know him better than me..
neway, here's to King of Pop..
thanks for your inspiring music...

p/s .."mcm mane michael jackson menjerit"..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

UCL 0809 finale countdown...

Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy
27th MAY 2009
0300 (Malaysian time)
u cant get this pic anywhere else


boys toys..

come on!!

each of us develop it since our childhood...
remember when da 1st time u saw small size car...
dashing around ur 3-4 year old newly develop pair of feet...
n makes u wonder:

who's driving dat little car??
how they fit in a man in dat small car??
wat's inside??
cud i play it for awhile??
imagine dat u cud bring it home??
play at ur own yard..
pays a gud impression to ur neighbors's playmate.. rite!!! hehe!!

and then it SUDDENly STOP!!.... our parents drag us away
from there juz b4 we even say dat persuasive word 'I WANT DAT ONE!!'... did u ever think of why they did it (at that time)... obviously, its not for ur safety cos no way dat "small sized+dashing little car" will do u any harm... hehe u know wat i mean.. n till then it stuck at the back of ur mind... yea!??!?! remember??!!?

its not my way to criticize parents.. cos we are their has been n our most beloved single entity which define da word love n caring... i juz want to venture back to those fine days of childhood..

when we hve no worries about money..
everything provided to us FOC... bla bla bla..

its long time ago.. eventho still have it now (heee..)
but now as simple as those days... neway, da point is im and we shud be so gr8ful with wat we have n had during our childhood... n lets congrats our parents for bring us 2 dis world n trying their very BEST to provide us a perfect childhood experience...

back to the car... unfortunately for me...
those days have hunted me AGAIN!!...
at 1st i juz googled "remote control car"
everything seems so impressive!!
then i googled "remote control boats"
n its started to getting more exciting!!

"remote control helicopters"
cant stop here too.. there more to see!!

"remote control aeroplanes"
i wish... ;p

and even..
"remote control robots" which brought me back to da real world..
no i dont need these things... for now let it be sumthing dat i can dream of...wahahahaha.. duniawi je sume nih.. neway, maybe i can juz pick ONE!!! hehe.. which one wud i pick n cost me a fortune??

time will tell...
dont worry mum.. juz a thot!!
a present for me anyone.. u know wat i want hehehee

Friday, May 15, 2009


MUS!C 101

ever think of learn how to play a piano once??
i do n always will.. hope dat chance will come
not to be as gud as beethovens or mozart.. juz want to hear myself playing it..
im sure i'll play it someday!

same goes with violin
n of cos im not gonna left out our Malaysian traditional musical instruments
they are gr8 n gentle to my hearing devices
during study week

**im exploring nu abilities with music
not to mention.. woman look "gud" when they preform passionately
in any musical instruments.. seriously, they do!!

chutie planner..

starts at 25th may 2009 at 12pm
in front of MPH, UTP...
with pen, ID card, exam slip, Q paper (heat transfer) in my pocket...
n of cos a BIG SMILING FACES of Chemical E. frenzies...while my head will be thinking of
'wat's next??' ermmm...

*mum to frankfurt*
dont worry.. i'll be da 'cheapest' baby sitter!!
promise.. hehe ur expenses save with me..

*celebrate nora's B-day*
seriously.. its a surprise! no peeking plz... ;p
(which of cos i didnt have a clue yet of wat goin to happen)

weeee... here we go.. i promise i'll spend all of it!!!
hehehe.. cant wait!! arts+flea market+perfromance all in one day..
best2!! interested?? jom ar..

*UCL FINALE: Man United vs Barcelona*
wahahaa... where shud i go n have a hell of fun
watching Man United clinch our 4th UCL title??
hhmm... deep thinking, i will do...

*UniKL Sports Carnival*
i wish i can play tennis 4 MICET again?? hehe..
gr8 memories to grab..

yea2!! bold it cos its so DAMN important..
hehehe as a Man U faithful it is my destiny to be there.. =)

*husna's Wedd*
Wedd in JB??? huhu jaohnye..
im still thinking bout it.. Miss 8MPixel!!

*nora flies back home*
huhuh... =( out 2nd test..
ohh.. i think we'll gonna be fine.. rite??

*scholar summer camp*
mcm bosan tp.. have to go n experience 1st..
neway we r paid 2 go.. p/s claim 100 for da trip 2 meeting point in KLCC!! weee.. KLCC ---- HOME = doesnt cost a penny!! waahaha.. free RM100

*kengkawan jejumpe jejom*
weh!! calling for..
feruz, apad, bro, hazy, jij, yaya, beron, nadia, arab...
(n all my frends...) ronggeng sesame nk?? hehe..

for now only these list warp up all my summer holidays
which at da same time defer me from having
a gud n quite rest at home which it obviously gonna be borink n stuff...
da most important thing is:
"to spend summer holidays with me familia regardless how buzy im gonna be"
n im looking forward for it!!!

shall dis summer holiday will gonna be sumthing to be rememberd.. AMIN

ooo.. my green scarf lover..

after a nite with isla fisher in shopaholic..
*by now i can relate why does green scarf get so much attention*
shud i get a green scarf too.. honey??

Monday, May 4, 2009

picturize feelings...

do consider urself lucky to see this cos my head got nothing to say...

they're my family.. me mum n sis'ntah'... mum gone to sarawak 2dy, flight at 11am.. ehmm.. since moving 2 tourism, she had 2 travel a lot.. wishing u have a gud trip n come back safely... my sis'ntah' dreamt bout doin foundation in UteePee... gudie luckie!! try ur best'est' trial SPM n of cos la SPM... n then come here i'll show u how to spend money properly.... hahahaha =)

was taken during his flight to tanjung malim (haha)... only god, he n his frends knows wat my 'little' bro'ntah' doin there.... hows da robot?? jadik ke...

hottest property in my house... currently gain weight... but grows vertically not horizontally (she consumed no other than milk n skyjuice like very seconds... whaha!!).. LOVES miley, jAnos bro, disney.c, AF I, II, III, IV, V, VI, HSM I, II, III... n da list goes on n on n on n on... newly in secondary scool... haha sian!! =P

grabs 4 glodies at UTP sports carnival.. hehe had a great time playing with them... my 1st gold in tenis.. hehe neway, UniKL sports carnival still da best, altho we only grabs bronze, da vibe n da spirits are way better than in here... neway, we've played gr8 game together... both in UniKL n UTP... tribute 2 my shoes huhuhuh... sape la yg curik!! DAMN you!!

if u think dis is zoo negara.. think again... cos IT IS!! yea2!! date kt ZOO.. at least we had a gr8 times naming all da zoo creatures.. n learn how 2 speak "those three magical words" in snake language hahaha... shud try it.. highly recommanded!! so, massage to dat little gurl inside.. 'SSsss... ssSsSsss.... sSssS..'

b4 earthOUR.. we've (me n me sis'ntah') went to capsquare for..... i dont know juz wonder around b4 da even starts.. so, it is an art exibit, paintings, sturpture, presentation, tees yg SANTIK SANGAT2.. (rugi x beli huh..), n guess wat... u were not THERE wahaha..!!! =P

On April 5th, 2009 at 245am, i wud like to declare a physical WAR that will be held all over da world (whose concern bout this two football clubs)... from our reliable informer, the phycological war had been on going for the last 2 weeks.. n it is fear dat da hell-sreamming of red devils n gunning of londenrs have to stay until da end of 90 more minutes in LONDON time...

may the force be with you

*glory glory Man United*

i-NEED those during FINALe examen.. wish me luck!! or dont..
juz glanze to da next webpage..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

working on my own prolific fingers...

When fingers dances along with emotion...
PRESSURize headed boys on da run AGAIN...
still didnt do anything for upcoming 'horrifying+borink+time.wasting' "examen finale"...
the withering assessment of mrfarme's 22 years chasing glittering GLORY for himself.. yet to be discover... except being touted as moderate student by himself... can stop thinking about mind-bothering question of "WHAT IF"??"

Que faire si je n'arrive pas à impressionner ma mère...

Que faire si je ne pas améliorer mon GPA pour ce semestre...

Que faire si je ne réussis pas dans mon éducation...

Que faire si je suis un mauvais exemple pour mes frères et sœurs...

Que faire si j'ai perdu tous mes amis...

*and the most mind blowing Q is*

"si im pas assez bon pour elle"

do i worry too much?? time will tell..
for now..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ehmm... do u mind??

this is my massage purposely dedicated to all eyes:
lets see how life goin' on thru out the semester... (so far)


STUDIES... borink!! haha.. have 2 review every day... its still goin on while im writing this... a bit worried but neway its da same old story after all.. yea! never been constantly gud mood for studies, alway flactuate.. dats why im the gr8 moderate student ive ever known... always be... hehe! to some extent i believe that u all knows me better... =)

chin-chin... otw to endless replacement classes..
so dont bother to say hi..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

one moment in time...

ye! tau la.. wambot da panjang/besar!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

a week of nuthing..

dear mid sem breaks..

if u dont mind can u make urself longer..
n gimme back my love ones.. i do NEED them!!
especially u.. yeah!! u know who r u.. hehe

...cant wait 2 go back 2 UTP...
imagine wat wud be her reaction when we meet sooonn...
miss herre so damn much!!

here's shout out 2 my peeps out there..

*to be continue later*