Saturday, July 25, 2009


Early Sunday morning... three hours twenty-five minutes and forty-five seconds towards three hours twenty-five minutes and forty-six seconds on july, twenty-six, two double 'o' nine.. im exactly at latitude 4.387808, longitude 100.965949.. room one, ground floor, block D, village four, universiti teknologi petronas, tronoh, perak darul ridzuan, malaysia...

antivirus needed!!.. H1N1 rapidly spreads... sight of world domination epidermic starts to appear.. it can be seen after britain double its cases within a week!! orang2 biase2 cm kite2 ni... general public... mid n lower class citizen... kalo infected mmg la KANTOI <--- zee avi style... not only being isolated, mmg kne jd test subject la, experimental well funded by the govement... lagi2 kalo this newly famous flu being sumone's causes of death... ala no need sakit terok2... demam skit pon di label as h1n1 biological machine of spreading... WTH? take self empthy checking on ourself... not be able 2 goin out... runing noses... weak body... 'hingus' residue yg berlebihan... sudden dizziness... and worst ended up well inside a gasket to the other world, not be able to taste imminent vaccine needed to cure... in addition, malaysia well inside those country infected by the disease, from 800+ cases recorded, over 90% being cured.. is quite an achivement... bare that in mind.. each week new cases means our frendly virus nih.. try to its "best"est adapt to this multi racial noses..

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