Friday, March 27, 2009

a week of nuthing..

dear mid sem breaks..

if u dont mind can u make urself longer..
n gimme back my love ones.. i do NEED them!!
especially u.. yeah!! u know who r u.. hehe

...cant wait 2 go back 2 UTP...
imagine wat wud be her reaction when we meet sooonn...
miss herre so damn much!!

here's shout out 2 my peeps out there..

*to be continue later*

Monday, March 23, 2009

mase untuk dunia...

click 4 more info..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Man.U lost AGain..

Man.U lost AGain..
n it feels like to swear everything from
da flat 'plasma' tele to McD french fries (bought it juz 2 c my.ManU win..)
but neway, ive got da 'goal' for meself
this is da aftermath moments wit NORA.. hehhe

discrete, litttle, tiny massage
dat matter da most...
* i doo smile 2 much 4 da last 4 weeks..
n it feels like doin' it 4 the rest of me life..

of cos wit her... lor not alone!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

my tennis affair..

here she is..
guys n gals, meet nora!!
dis was taken recently..
after UTP close tennis tournament..
i was the 1st runners-up for doubles.. hehehe
my partner (Petroleum PHD indo guy) cudnt come..
so nora took over his place..
well.. she's da gurl i mention before..
altho, juz met her dis sem..
there sumkind of 'specel' attraction btwn us..
hehehe.. i realy2 LOVE dis gurl..
watever happen.. she's da ONE..
dats it.. no pretty2 words here
im reserve it juz for her..

p/s next level: NORA FAARIA.... mrs.farme!!! yay!!
cant wait for it..
do i look dark.. heee sunburn!!
neway, UTP sports carnival coming up!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


*this time hopefully till death do us apart..
yes, i do... i'll do her... hehe ;p
* loneliness, flirting... etc. etc. NOMORE!!
*my family + her(not yet but will do!!)= im in charge (gile kuase!!) =)
*hell yeah!! will do..
*not yet.. but dont think bout it.. if it do happen it wud be bout silly things.. we can cope wit it.. rite, babe??
worldwide publicity..!!??!?
*wahahaha... i'll create a maze for any curious sprits.. out there...
credit crunch..??!?!
*the wrost the better... cos she worth it...!!! true story... betol3!! ;p
time management...!!?
*juz pecfect timing indeed.. where else wud u find sumone 2 do sumthing wit u dat last long... time student life ar!!
*no worry... arwah abah cn do it.. sure i can do it much more better.. for da sakes of my family!! i'll fin my degree... insyallah!!
me familia...
*they'll support me all da way... yay!! best familia eva.. miss them so+very+superduper 2 much!!
me frenza...
*guys.. she's perfect!! gals.. sorry im hooked!! wahaha..
miss u all so+very+superduper much!!
*tough one.. insyallah we try to control dat factor..
*music, sports, movie, fashion, food.. she'll do mine n i'll do hers... enuff said!!
*fahmi = kefahamanku.. i'll do my best!! chaiyok2!! such a gr8 name u gve me, mum!!

SHE's my all.. she is...
my nu USB MOUSE.. hehe or izzit!?!!?
da maze begin here...>>> =)

happy networkin'..