Saturday, January 31, 2009

aku.sebuah.mouse @'fruit'.mouse...


did u human ever think how hard izzit to be a "THING"... yea!! u got me rite.. a thing.. anything.. the hell with your un-imaginative thinking... frankly, said i was born a mouse.. USB 'freakin+%&$&%+useless' mouse as my honorable owner named me after.... of course i was new back then when he bought me juz below 20 GBP from a local store nearby... black elegent they said i am... got laser u know!! stylish... small a.k.a compact... plus "extraordinary" long wire stinking to my back... or front... by the way who cares!! for god sakes im just a pointer "little" thingy... short for mouse... journey of a mouse nowadays can be unpredictable as my creator MICROSOFT gettin' banckrupt... 2nd GREAT DEPERESTION... some said.. but again who cares??? im just a freakin' mouse... the worst possible thing would happend to me in the near future (now!!) is being blended inside a blender with mr. keyboard and mrs. wireless adapter... my honourable owner said just now.... "you three all could combine someday in hormany and serve me a juicy blended MOUSEYLESS juice with chocolate indulgence (secrat recipe's) on top"

yet he still not doin' it... for now he must blogin' the hell he is... must be writin' bout me... yea.. im here sire.. layin' on the floor.. helplessly, carelessly... not like when we were in love some 6 months ago.. you bought me... even im cheap but im usefull... yea guys im very2 useful.. i could do ANYTHING for my honorable owner... too much everything which im sure if u had an eagle eye on me.. u would be so damn pissed off, jeolous, shock and wanna killed urself off... my point was, me and my honourable owner was a gud man.. charming, pleasant at heart yet shy (typical 'malay' ideology), free-thinker and (ehmm..) adorable in his own way, he even put me picture inside his blog and tagged me as his "HAMSTER" (who in the whole wide word tagged its own USB mouse??) wahahaha... love on my sight the day when he tagged me "HAMSTER"... my laser pointer beneath me was as bright as a plasma tv (eventho its only red coloured) but it seems if i am a girly-mouse/female mouse/minie mouse (watever you human gurls call it nowadays) on that particular second i could:

ehmmmm... (hehehe.. couldn't make out my mind there's so many thing'ses')
no worries folks!! im not like people.. im a USB mouse... i care my virginity yeh.. not like you humans (no-offence) always tryin' to get naked all da time... here's some thought.... why dont you human transform urself into someTHING... like a USB mouse like me... you dont need to be wearin' anything rite... no need $3%... being a USB mouse is good you know... we are mass-produced by the machine from all over the world which means we would conquor the world if we want to.... hehehe... its just a thought!!!

by the way.. all of the sudden......... (no need suprise element here!!) i was broken and the next day no longer used... eventually it had happened lor.. i could not remember what happend actually... im a mouse not a hard disk (which have more superior advantages and respect from my honourable owner).... im not capable to remind of anything... all that i had/wanna/knoew is POINT WHATEVER HE POINT INSIDE MR. UNPREDICTABLE BLACKBOX THINGY... that's all.... what scares me the most is what's wrong with me....................

He must been thinkin':
1.BODOnye mouse ni...
2.What!! the fcuk (hehe..)
3.Thanks!! for makin' my day..
4.Bloody hack!!

etc. etc..

i know... i know by lookin' from his face soon after he got back from ipoh... yea i got to seek someone else's sympaty or empathy... its hard to go all this hallway just to be a piece of junk inside someone else's ilbility... not me.. i dont deserve this.. why do THINGS didnt last long... are things meant to be broken... i know rules are... but please ooohhh!! human... cant you hear all the broken things whispering.. calling... yelling... screaming... just to get notice!!! is hard for us to be call antics again... yea!! every THINGS should be ANTICS not old and useless thingy... same like human have a dream of thier own... we the THINGS dreams of being ANTICS... not JUNK or be some crazy scurpture engineer arts doer...

i wish i could ask my honourable owner to stop now.. he is getting addicted to mr. keyboard... (im jealous) but its all my fault though.. tonight he successfully conduct his AWESOME!!! pc and blog without using and help from me... n by the way he looks happy (for now)... i better be gone before he stomp me with his ugly feet beneath mr.'table wable'... im gonna end this note with a song and its a happy song for you all for be petience hearing aka reading my lecture aka speech... FYI, if you reach half of this entry.. u might give a little respect to your own USB mouse or mousepad for iam already fall from my honourable owner's window... even he lives on the ground floor... it takes an micro-inch of broken plastic molecule inside me to tell im USELESS!!!

anyway the song i want to dedicate to you is LINGER from CRANBERRIES (wtf!!!???) although its not sounds metaphor at all, just hear it for god sakes!! sob*-*

p/s anyone with an extra USB mouse, care to send it to me.. ;p - mrfarme..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

its "PLAY"time..

...the world is our playground, you know that when you a kid,
but somewhere along the way everyone forget it...

somewhere inside me.. exist "vicious+outgoing" living being eager for rush of adrenaline... although its still there (virtually), the path is slowly eroded by AGE (wahaha tue sangat ker..), TIME (keliru am dgn pm) and STUDIES (pursue of happyness)... those influences give me no chance to revive that sprit to reality...
my old buddies, arab (taller version of me.. hehe!!) invite me to his father outdoor programme (eventually, his father is an outdoor consultant) so for the momment what ive been told...

activity(ties): white water rafting n etc. etc.
(for da momment only one xtvty been told... lol!!)

venue : gopeng, silverstate
(where the hell izzit?? near to ipoh approx. 30 minutes from Uteepee and few hour'ses' from KL, Melacca n Kuantan)

costing: 15.35 GBP
(murahkan.. hehe! purposely changed currency for attaction.. its 80.00MYR!!)

fyi, that fella juz gave me those info.. hahaha!! so wait for next entries and poster wahahaha..
till further notice...

...the world is our playground, you know that when you a kid,
but somewhere along the way everyone forget it...
(purposely rewrite for 'NO'-man)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3satu juta 536 ribu,tigakosong saat yang lalu...

..tribute to Titan Chemicals..
there was a story when, 'blue+lagoon+coloured'+fire.resistance.jacket was blanketed to my body almost everyday for six 'damn+wonderful+suxx+best+imaginary' months of my miserable days in Sand Warehouse (pasir gudang), Johor 'JB' Bahru.. i owe them knowledge..

**HAPPY 21st 'Brup'DAY to her**
p/s: anyone know dis gurl... her birthday today!!!
SADLY i cant contact her.. huhu..

cerita satu...

...ceritakan padaku...
fyi: entry time nk tido nih... malam karutan pertama

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan 21st ,1962

recently, she's in Paris alone (working..) yet we still love her... hehe!!

dengarkanlah lagu, lagu ku ini
ikhlas dari hati hanya untuk mu
aku lah anak mu, anak mu yang selalu
memelukmu menciummu

memang banyak dosa yang telah ku lakukan
menyakiti dikau ku mohon maafkan

selamat hari lahir, ku ucap kepada mu
walau ku jauh disiniku harap kau terus
menanti kepulangan ku tuk menemani
mu hingga ke akhir nanti, aku janji

kau tak tahu ku sentiasa bersyukur
punyai bidadari iaitu kamu
ku pastikan agar kau sentiasa bahagia
inginku nyatakan kau milik syurga

memang banyak dosa yang telah ku lakukan
menyakiti dikau ku mohon maafkan

selamat hari lahir, ku ucap kepada mu
walau ku jauh disiniku harap kau terus
menanti kepulangan ku tuk menemani
mu hingga ke akhir nanti, aku janji...

"we are family"

lady of my life

*happy 47th birthday to my mom.. i'll be back on CNY so kite g makan2 eh.. this song is for u..*
gurls!! here's the lady u shud cherish be 4 'we' meet.. hahaha.. (gurau je!!) lurve yu ma!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

sampai sudah!!

UTP chancellor hall

just arrive.. once again "high speed driving alone singing sensation" syndrome occurs... 2 hours journey turns 1 and half hour... sesampai menuju ke toilet hahahaha.. x tahan!!! refrigerant dlm air con "viva GTi saye" menusuk ke tulang sum2... effect: 2 pains of pure urine.. wahaha neway, our (cadet n me) crash pad for dis semester kt v1b 135... segale urusan duniawi tuk 5 months onwards starts in dis small 2bed room...

ok la!! confy plus cozy.. kmas2 skit til 730pm.... smbung dgn urusan akhirat.. then perasmian katil setinggi kaki kambing bermula sehingga terbit titisan hujan terakhir... bout 22oo hours g mkn @ nite lepak kt salah satunye (satu-satunye) kdai yg activate di mlm hari... order2!!! makn2!!! lepak2!!! til a group of young human ladies kt sbelah activated her "nice" voices time elyana perform (damn!! AJL ke.. igtkn nyanyi2 bese2 je..) lor!!! n trus my mind sayin' out loud.. They must BE UiTM gurls.... wawahahahaha!! (sory eton..!!) haha.. ntah la theres seems a bit of rival btwn 2 adjecant unis kt god forsaken place like tronoh nih.. but its ok what!! "custumized cultural attitude" in our own way...

but neway deorg pon human beings like me so they must be brutally punish.... so i took the remote change it to ESPN.. (bola ar pe lg..) so it only takes 3 seconds 4 dat UiTM gurls from peace-ala2 gadisMelayu to turn riot-nonlike 'GadisMelayu' reaction of AJL to EPL.... ehmmm guest wat if i cud do dat last nite??? mesti kdai tu akn bankrup n McD wil eventually open in TRONOH!!! wahaha tetbe je... so i took dis chance 2 say im here... saye suda sampai... yay!!! not-so-fine-place but neway student life biase ar...
wahahaha.. yea i know bkn sume gurl cm tu but imagin' them as one bit the hack of me...
such a terrible experience if THAT wud happend haha..

Friday, January 16, 2009

gas hydrant...!!

gas hydrant

its get annoying now ppl keep sayin bout natural resources wind, solar etc. etc... n now ad lak nu one... GAS HYDRANT!!! im not sure its a nu thing but im really2 sure its the answer for nu energy for next 3 to 4 decades from now... altho we might confuse da different btwn conventional NaturaL GAS vs GAS HydranT... aceli its not that so much dif. both of them are gases, natural gas to be exect (from fossils under ground..), carbon decendent, and more important is it CAN generate ENERGY.. wahahaha... the big dif. btwn them is gas hydrant is highly concentrated... which mean high concentration, more efficiency da energy produced...

some interesting facts guys... wat this freakin thing can do:
  1. Indian National Gas Hydrate Program estimated dat da total gas hydrant found in gulf of mexico can generate 2000 YEARS of energy to da US alone..

  2. They also estimated gas hydrant world wide enuff to generate energy to the whole world for 3000 YEARS...
crazy rite!! hahaha.. pls dont consider its a 100% true.. its an estimation, engineers n scientist do lots n lots of research and in the end they conclude wit an estimation... wawawa.. wat my point is they've done research n studies for this thing... check this out!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


alkisah... dis sunday program ad event kt KLPac.. sum sort of art + bazaar + live performance = KLPac Open day.... sounds cm best rite?? BUT da prob is on da same day kne reg kt UTP... huhuhu... so... im sure wil be there then baru blik UTP hahaha... craze!! ;p

sustainable energy vs global warming...

terase tanggungjawab as a engineering student n future engineer...
its starts now.. even tho its juz a thot but in every man's live there's time dat he willing to seriously consider to be committed with.. (exmple kawen.. ;p) but for me, i say "company that supply sustainable/renewable energy source in Malaysia... belongs to me"... hell yeah!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

most adorable...

izzit.. Ellen Page aka ms. Juno.. wat intersting bout this movee is da character JUNO itself... last month i come to my sense dat kat malaysia nih.. oversea muvee lambt gile nk masok cinema... like JUNO ive seen it like 6 months ago but bru je kua kt gsc last dec.. mmg biase ar lmbat but 6months (ehmmmm...) lame gile2.. whahahah.. poor malaysian!!
1ST OR us indie queen.. Zoey Deschanel.. we've seen she wit funny guy jim carrey kt yes man.. n she gud aceli she very2 very2 gud acting n singing.... ive seen twice suda.. soundtrack cite pon best2 gile2... btw she's being compared to katy parry but she tops it all pretty face n tallents... go away katy!!!... why US indie queen?? she n him (US duo) google la sndiri lagu deorg best lol... 2ND OR manchester most prominent actress.. Anna Friel... pushing daisy juz cant break thru worldwide without her.. she juz prefect n luvly due to her capable doin brits + irish accent.. nk blaja ar da way she speaks irish (i heart irish accent..) lastly, tyme for embrace our own local act.. she is malaysian indie sweetheart... Liyana from Estrella... being in malaysian indie jazz band juz makes guys goes "woooooo..." when she sings STAY (big hit til now..) every word seems a poetry combine wit jazz.. she amaze me thruout last sem final exam.. hehe!!

p/s: its hard to be a man nowadays yea..!! more 2 come!!
sume nih di lakukan 2 appreciate gods creations.. hehe ;p

property investment???

pro-per-t in-vest-ment...
sounds com-pli-ca-ted... its important to be berpandangan jauh... hehehe!! ive thinkin' a lot bout da way im gonna end up wit for da next 5 years... ehmmm?? surely kne baya balik duet petronas... cm ne nk invest nih.. haha... the word invest kalo di'google' means 'the choice by the individual to RISK his savings with the hope of gain'... due to current economical review, ak x rase iam on da rite position to talk bout this field... but if there's an oppurtunity hell yeah... i wud do it wisely... hehehe!! mean time lets see wat i ve in my mind for the next 5 years... juz a glice of wat may happend if i work/study hard e'nuff to sustain a gud pointer for the next freakin' 3 year in UTP!!!

luxury crash pad: SUASANA BANGSAR
Gre8 place 2 start a life/small family (hehehe...)

Location : Jalan Kaloi, Bangsar
Tenure : Freehold
Total units : 190
Built-up : 1112 - 2147sf
Launch price : From RM570 persf
Expected completion : 2010
Developer : United Malayan Land Berhad


i always hve passion for car espcially compact car.. n golf gti tops all of it..
currently viva 2 stil my 'imaginary' volks hehe.. 4 now!!

dream jobs: Industrial Hygienist

still rarely heard in our 'bolehland' therefore its worth a try kan!!
Industrial hygienists are scientists and engineers committed to protecting the health and safety of people in the workplace and the community.

holidays... 1st review

november 08 till january 09 se7en weeks...
situasi bercuti 7 weeks kat rumah... wahaha penuh corak emosi, fikiran, idea, angan2,mcam2 lor yg jd.. especially when single (ehmm..) young guy stayin' in KL.. ad2 je idea2 gile di garap dgn creativity yg tetbe je munculkan diri...

highlight: downtown cheras kul 2am
after seein' transporter 3 kt ts..

midnite: yeah!! after midnite.. everthing gile2
2nd movie @ midv... cite ap ntah??!

nu year resolution: nk tgk fireworks next year 2010..
this year celeb kt putrajaya.. disappointment cos no fireworks..

pcfair.n.rantaiArt: pcfair=0 rantaiArt=1

seremban vs KL: situasi diPAKSE drive kancil manual
in KL pouring rain n KL famous traffic jammed @ BB... disaster!!!

penang holidays: cant be outside KL more than 3 days...
it juz not rite.. hehhe ;p

starbuck no more: peaceful late evening after stressful walkin' thru
crowded pc fair n rantaiArt fest...

serendah calling:
next morning dmam panas gile2!!!..

credits to my family, yaya, beron wit ms. beron, nadia, arab, appad, hazy n her frend ain...
n af cos others yg da spend time 2gether gather tyme chuti ari tu...
we had a gr8 time, dont we?? haha.. (or ak 'ss' je nih... !!??! hehe)
even da whole time ak je yg kne bahan... (bg chance..!!)
for next time!!! n lots of next tyme there wil be....

for starters.. 7th attempts

hey~.. this is me bloggin'.. n believe it or not this is my se7enth attempts to sustain a weblog..
wahahaha... 6 other blog'ses' were abolished without my permission (delated by the admin.. hehe) hopefully this wil be last longer.. ;p
welcome mrfarme...