Monday, February 16, 2009


Just a crazy entry for my obsession with black-colored-CHOCOLATE.

Richart chocolate
4th expensive choc. costs $120 per pound
no need for v-day celeb. juz me, meself n this lovely choc.

3rd expensive choc. costs $504 per pound
kit kat look alike.. but non-like-kitkat type of goldy choc. hmm.. anyone??

Noka Vintages Collection
2nd most expensive cost at $854 per pound
i fancied da box lor.. haha

the most n hopefully worth mouthwatering choc. ever!! costs at... $2,600 per pound... asteriod type of choc. hmmm.. if sumone replace it with a ROCK.. would he/she recognize it?? funny lookin' choc. but i bet that CHOCOPOLOGIE set new height of yummy..

and of cos the most prominent fruits in malaysia.. DURIAN also was recently invented (its been in Kay ell quite somtime now) COVERED with CHOCOLATE.. scary dow~~!!
i wonder how do they create such a thing.. hahah.. neway, its malaysian fruit in international mode... interested?? here's where u can get one..

Cakes @ Just Heavenly, Epicure Building,

Lot 1.05 & 1.06, Ground Floor
(opposite Chef & Brew) Epicure
No. 1 Jalan Medan Setia 1

Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur

chocolate drives me crazy...*yay!!~~

Sunday, February 15, 2009

tennis upgraded to the next level..


Im pleased to inform that for the last 2 weeks (more to come).. ive been addicted to tennis.

And for years to come me position as a chemical eng. student is deeply underconsideration.. for some cases.. i whud like to propose that me defination of UTP from Uni. Teknology Petronas to Uni. Tennis Pamiee.. wahhaha..!!

kidding!! neway, just like to say that im very much in love wit now.. hehe!!

no worries, there still a place for girls.. so watch out!!

wat i need now is high-end tennis racket... huhu sadly.. the best place to get one is in Kay eel..

and i might not be in Kay ell till this coming mid-sem.... (which most likely to be 5 more weeks in UTP).. theres no way i can get one in old-town ipoh..

speakin' of Kay ell.. wahahaha this week whud be a record smashin for mua.. i never ever been away from Kay ell for at least 2/3 weeks... miss all the excitement with yaya, arab, naddy n beron... haha.. hopefully by the time, i go back to Kay ell we all can gather around n be night-rider once agian.. hahaha!!

n all me frenza in MICET, UMP-hazy!, Ins Perguruan Melayu Perempuan Melake-pinky!, MMU cyber, UiTM 'jungle' Segamat, jij - the practical 'buff'.. c u when i c u.. hahah!!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

silence ended...

past 10 days....
these wordings linger in my head:

Porque tanto perderse tanto buscarse sin encontrarse

me encierran los muros de todas partes

Barcelona te estás equivocando no puedes seguir ignorando

que el mundo sea otra cosa y volar como mariposa.

Barcelona hace un calor que me deja

fría por dentro con este vicio de vivir mintiendo

que bonito seria tu mar si supiera yo nadar.

Barcelona Y mientras está llena de cara de gente extranjera,

conocida, desconocida ? y vuelta a ser transparente.

No insisto ma’s Barcelona

si no es cosa de tus ritos (o gritos?) tu laberinto extrovertido.

No he encontrado la razón porque me duele el corazón

porque es tan fuerte que so’lo podre’ vivirte en la distancia

y escribirte una canción.

Te quiero Barcelona

  • mysterious unseen Spanish spirits whisper those words...
  • seems 'it' cant leaves.. not yet.. by far this is da most exciting song ever...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

silence mode...

silence... oink! oink! ;)